Using Lavender For A Calming Clean

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Does your regular soap leave your skin dry and itchy? Perhaps you've tried soaps that leave you with a rash or even worse.

Many soaps and body washes on the market are full of chemicals and non-natural ingredients that are not good for your skin. These ingredients, while they may appeal to mass markets, are not really a wholesome or eco-friendly way to find a healthy clean.

For many years, lavender oil has been used to make safe and natural beauty products, massage oils and of-course, soaps and body washes.

Lavender oil gained recognition when aromatherapy became popular. Reputed for its natural calming properties, you might be pleasantly surprised to discover this oil is commonly used to treat burns, skin abrasions and irritations. It is a natural progression of its use to start adding lavender oil in the creation of soaps and body washes.

As with all marketable products, there are natural versions and unnatural versions. Simply buying a bar of lavender soap does not, in fact, mean that you are getting a healthy and natural product. While lavender oil may be listed on the ingredients label, you might also discover a host of other chemicals used to make the soap as well as artificial colours and fragrances.

However, you can find all-natural lavender soap that uses non-chemical ingredients to enhance the healing power of the lavender oil. Quite often, lavender oil is combined with goat milk, to improve dry skin or oatmeal when used as a body scrub or exfoliant. In fact, you'll be surprised how many natural soaps use a little lavender oil already to assist in the care of skin conditions such as acne, redness or excessive dryness.

Lavender oil soaps are well regarded for the healing properties found in the essential oil, so it's quite common to find it in natural and organic specialty stores. It can be combined with many other ingredients depending on your needs. However, it is most sought after for it's calming effects and healing properties, and is widely used in aroma therapy body washes, soaps and bubble baths.

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Using Lavender For A Calming Clean

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This article was published on 2011/01/01