New Style Of Lavender In Your Wardrobe…!

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Yesterday I went through some of our new cedar wood products that are infused with lavender – great products that serve a dual purpose being brilliant moth deterrents but also freshening by providing a wonderful lavender smell – well we also have some great products for doing just that in your wardrobe.  The new Deluxe Woodlore Aromatic Cedar Wood Hang-Up Infused with Calming Lavender Oil provides great Moth Protection and a natural aromatic scent. Eliminating odours and freshening, it is presented in an attractive gift box so makes a great gift.


Wood lore now have Aromatic Cedar Wood Shirt Hangers which are infused with Lavender – being 44cms wide makes them ideal for hanging shirts. With a chrome plated swivel hook there are 5 per pack. These are just part of the extensive range of Cedar Hangers.


Luckily, you can now purchase some great hangers, which are real space savers in these situations such as our brand new Chrome Plated Suit/Jacket Hanger. Featuring Non-Slip Black Foam covering the chrome plated finish, with two really strong, super-grip Adjustable Clips. This modern and stylish hanger comes with an extra hook to use with more hangers and thus more space is saved.


There are many hangers to choose from though… I have made use of the Space-Saver Hanger Bar, and judging from its popularity so have many other people because it's proved to be a real best seller. You can hang six hangers from it either vertically, which is the way it is mostly used or horizontally to hang six pairs of trousers or shirts. Great value and really useful. Try it and you'll love it.


You may be asking yourself if there's anything you can do to utilize the numerous hangers (and clothes!) you already have and still get extra space… well luckily those hangers don't need to go to waste… Hanger Connectors are a simple but brilliant product allowing you to hang your hangers vertically and still make the best usage of your wardrobe space. Each pack contains 20 small polypropylene connectors which are 4.8cm (2") in length and 2cm (¾") wide. Something for everyone!


They take up hardly any space in your suitcase and are very versatile whether you're travelling or at home. Use them to dry your knitwear or delicate garments and keep them in perfect shape because they won't get any peg or hanger marks. They're useful for general drying purposes also when you don't have enough hangers for this purpose, but also don't have the space to keep extra hangers.


Don't get caught out when you're travelling or when staying at a hotel (when you get there you realize that they have only provided a couple (or no) hangers in the wardrobe to use for the duration of your holiday!) You can easily travel and maintain a none-creased appearance without carrying a bag full of heavy hangers! Inflatable hangers are brilliant for exactly these situations.


Don't forget there are many lavender products on the site including Lavender Balls – great for the car or wardrobe and made from 100% essential oils, Heathcote & Ivory Lavender Fragranced Sachet for drawers, cupboards & wardrobes, Heathcote & Ivory Lavender Padded Hangers and many more!

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New Style Of Lavender In Your Wardrobe…!

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This article was published on 2010/11/03