Harvesting Lavender Essential Oil in the Britain

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For people who want to work in the countryside, however, alternative farming types are a good plan. Lavender farming is one and in fact many farmers have diversified into this. Good quality lavender essential oil is worth a bit more. Again, though, you have the same problem as with other types of farming. The summer harvest still depends heavily on the unpredictability of the weather and demands a lot of hard work beforehand. This is the risk that one must take if you are to try and make an income.

Once you have harvested a solid lavender crop, products like shampoo and soap can be made from your lavender essential oil. The list of beauty products is limitless. Alone the oil is also a great treatment for anything from head lice to insomnia. The main farming region for lavender is in Provence where hundreds and hundreds of acres are grown commercially for the international beauty market. The warm and dry weather found in some parts of Australia, specifically Tasmania and New South Wales, make it a fantastic spot for lavender farming too.

Commercial lavender farming is not common in the UK. Lavender blooms, however, attract lots of tourists who want to come experience their beauty. Instead of marketing their lavender essential oil to large beauty product companies, lavender farmers sell homemade items to tourists who come to see the blooms. It is not just lavender farming which one can do if you shy away from livestock or arable. You can also get involved in grape farming, called viticulture; global warming seems to have had an unexpected benefit in southwest England where a warmer climate has produced wonderful grape harvests the likes of which had only previously been seen in France.

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Harvesting Lavender Essential Oil in the Britain

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This article was published on 2010/11/04