Great Recipe Ideas For Using Lavender Essential Oil In Handmade Cosmetics

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Lavender essential oil possesses antibacterial properties that can alleviate conditions like headache, insomnia, bug bites, eczema, acne, psoriasis, burns and muscle pains. This oil can be suitably used for oily and dry skins. Lavender essential oil can be mixed in perfumes because it has a floral, fresh smell and it can be availed at a reasonable price. It is one of the few essential oils that every crafter must have in order to produce fine handmade cosmetics.

Below are the great recipe ideas for using lavender essential oil in creating handmade cosmetics:

Balms, Salves and Ointments

Lavender alone is used as temple balm to aid those people with insomnia, subdue annoying headaches and soothe chapped hands. Salves are created by simply blending lavender with comfrey root powder or neem seed oil. It relieves itchiness caused by diaper rash, burns, bruises and insect bites. If you want to make a rub ointment to alleviate muscle pains, you can add clove or cinnamon.

Hair Care Products

To rinse normal to dry hair, mix lavender with nettle herbs and apple cider vinegar. A good scalp oil treatment can be made by blending peppermint, rosemary, oat and jojoba extract to lavender essential oil.

Body and Bath Care Products

To fight against acne and dry skin conditions, mix lavender essential oil to your body lotions, toners and facial creams. A wonderful bath salt recipe can be made when lavender is blended with Epsom salt, powdered milk, dead sea salt and dried lavender buds. To create an appealing and sweet smelling feminine perfume oil, combine lavender with jojoba, sandalwood, vanilla and rose geranium.

Exfoliating Soaps

To opaque melt, add in lavender essential oils and tea tree oil. Sprinkle purnice at the bottom of your soap mold then pour the mixture along. With this, you can create a good exfoliating and deodorizing soap bar.

To ensure safety, always perform a skin patch test before totally using it.
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Great Recipe Ideas For Using Lavender Essential Oil In Handmade Cosmetics

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This article was published on 2011/01/15