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7 3, Corps, four divisions of 65 groups of agricultural workers are being harvested field of lavender flowers in full bloom, Huang Bingjie tourists from Beijing, who wander in the purple flowers of the heavy fragrance is intoxicating. "It's so beautiful, I did not expect such a remote Xinjiang even have such beautiful scenery, is really a big surprise. I have to many more pictures, but also bring some more of dried lavender, Oil Yeah, back to talk to my friends share. "

Known as the "South Beyond the Great Wall," said the Yili River valley and lavender origin?? France Provence geographical location and its climate and its similar, equally famous for world-class lavender origin. Ili Ili Reclamation currently lavender cultivation history of more than 40 years, 2 acres of lavender base mainly in the Ili Valley in the four groups 65,69,70,71 field cultivation, the production accounts for more than 95% of the country, access to national "Hometown of Chinese Lavender" title. With its fine quality lavender Yili daily chemical enterprises at home and abroad to win the recognition and the rapid development of tourism in recent years, have Ili lavender previous two years showed quite a mixed bag of bad situation, the market brand reaches up to about 50. Many people in their own home will make a simple lavender primary product packaging to create a lavender free brand.

Order for special industries become competitive industries, agricultural market integration of four divisions taking the lead. Fourth Division of the Agriculture Bureau Agricultural Liu Jie: "We lavender industry to develop and standardize the market lavender, directly under the integrated Spices Production and sales company, set up a spice Development Co., Ltd. Xinjiang Yi Paer Khan. In just two years, successfully developed Yi Paer Khan family of products, products related to beauty, aromatherapy, massage, health, tea, grass, home accessories and other fields, and exported to overseas market. Yi Paer Khan spices River Valley Development Co., Ltd. has become a leading enterprise fragrance industry.

Today, the tide in the market a lot of lavender in the Ili Valley brand invisible, and only a handful of existing brands. The "Yi Paer Khan" brand has an absolute market, the development of more than 100 products for many years was Urumqi Fair Silver Award, New Product Development Award, the most characteristic products of Xinjiang Award, Shanghai Agriculture Expo Gold Medal and best-selling products exhibition Award, "Yi Paer Khan" Lavender products not only as the Government and people of all nationalities in Xinjiang gifts friends gifts, but also to domestic and foreign, throughout the country more than 200 sales outlets. This year, however, spring frost damage

such as the occurrence of natural disasters caused by a variety of cut lavender, combined with sluggish tourism market, to Ili lavender industry has a double pressure on response measures, Xinjiang Yi Paer Khan spices Chen Caihua Development Co., Ltd. Marketing Manager, said: "To ensure the normal income of farmers, our lavender oil price increase this year, higher product costs; in Yili River valley where market weakness, the company will be positioned as a tourism product marketing thinking, change to the main attack outside Xinjiang market, increase product development efforts, added 11 kinds of new products, packaging for 23 species. due to adjustments in a timely manner, strong marketing, sales steadily, far higher turnover than the same period last year 60%. and products into the U.S. market, is Yi Paer Khan, an important step to go abroad.
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[fragrance In The World] The Fragrance Of Lavender And Tortuous Road Ili - Oils, Spices -

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[fragrance In The World] The Fragrance Of Lavender And Tortuous Road Ili - Oils, Spices -

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